About Us

Dr. Stuart Konstant was familiar with chiropractic long before he decided to join the profession. His father, a chiropractor in his hometown of Watertown, kept his family healthy with regular adjustments. After graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Konstant wanted to join our growing community. Konstant Chiropractic Center dates back to 1964. When the previous owner was ready to retire, Dr. Konstant was pleased to carry on the tradition of quality natural care.

Making You Our Priority

When we first meet you, we want to know all about you. Whether you’ve been to the chiropractor before, other avenues you’ve tried and your symptoms will be discussed in-depth. You’ve likely had to stop doing something that you love, such as going for a run, walking your dog or going about your activities of daily living.

You can rest assured that no matter what your concern is, our aim is to give you a positive experience and make a difference in your life. In our upbeat environment, you’ll love the atmosphere our warm, caring team provides. Konstant Chiropractic Center is a place where positive things are happening, and you’ll want to be a part of it!

Our Mission: to help you be the best you can be
Can Chiropractic Help You?
With Dr. Konstant’s tailored plans, we’ll customize what we do to your individual needs and comfort level. In addition to chiropractic, we have acupuncture and additional modalities to help you heal.
Many people are surprised to find out that chiropractic can help far more than back and neck pain. Babies visit us for ear infections and colic. Others see us for IBS, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sports injuries. One of Dr. Konstant’s
patients was a nurse who’d been dealing with trigeminal neuralgia for two years. She tried several medications that made her sick and other options without any success. After three visits, she had no pain or discomfort.
Another patient had been dealing with headaches since high school. Though skeptical about chiropractic, he saw Dr. Konstant after hearing about him from a mutual friend. Just one adjustment later, the man no longer had any headaches.
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