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Your First Visit


Welcome to Konstant Chiropractic Center! At their first visit, patients should allow approximately 45 minutes to one hour to complete their appointment.

During the initial visit, a patient can expect to fill out a few short intake forms prior to seeing the doctor. They will then receive a detailed new patient examination and a relating of findings. Ample time will be allowed to discuss the patients condition, as well as their recommended plan of care. The patient will be given time for all of their questions answered regarding their condition and care in our clinic.

When the patient is ready, they will receive their first adjustment right away on the initial visit. Additionally, adjunctive therapies, acupuncture, or stretching/exercise instruction may be used in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment depending on individual patient needs. Following their treatment, the patient will receive discharge instructions.

Your Second Visit


On the second visit, we will begin by reviewing how the patient responded to their first treatment, as well as answer any questions that may have arisen since their first appointment. The patient will then receive their next adjustment and any additional therapies as required.

Regular Visits


During regular visits to the clinic the patient will be quickly assessed for any changes and continue receiving chiropractic adjustments to help correct the misalignments in their spine and restore function. The patient will receive periodic re-examinations to evaluate their progress and determine the need for any further care.

Our goal is to make your time a priority and keep door-to-door time at 20 minutes or less for a regular office visit.

We are happy to accept walk-ins at any time and we offer Saturday appointments for our patients’ convenience. We also accept most insurance plans. Contact us to get started!

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